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Pumpkin Tart


This pumpkin tart recipe is definitely for any sweet tooth. It can be served with almost any meal as a sweet side dish, or as a dessert. Be warned, after tasting this you will be hooked and will probably have to make it a lot.


  • 1 cup of flour
  • 750ml pumpkin (any sweet variety will work)
  • 1/2 cup of white sugar
  • 1 cup of honey
  • 1 cup cream/milk
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp cinnamon powder
  • 1/4 cup of butter
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 tsp salt
  • a sprinkle of castor sugar


Cook the pumpkin in a pot with a little bit of water until it is soft. Don’t add anything else yet!

Mix all dry ingredients while waiting for the pumpkin to cook. Mix all liquids in a separate bowl. Now mix the dry and wet components, except for the pumpkin.

When the pumpkin is soft, mash the pumpkin and then mix it in with the other ingredients. Make sure the pumpkin is not too soggy, otherwise it will not set properly.

Heat the oven to 180°C. Grease an oven-safe glass dish and then spread the mixture into the dish. Sprinkle some castor sugar over the dish right before putting it into the oven – this will create a beautiful thin crust on top.

Bake the dish for ± 45 minutes, or until set and golden. Serve it while it is still hot for the best experience!


pumpkin tart
Crafts Delicious food

Homemade chicken pie

In this post I will show you how to bake a delicious homemade chicken pie – as easy as pie!

This blog has been quiet for quite a while now. My last post was before our daughter was born and not too long after that, our boy was born as well. This will be my first blog post about my baking since then, even though I didn’t stop baking at home. I hope I will be able to make more regular posts from now on!

This is a chicken pie recipe. I wanted to bake a savoury pie for a long time now, specifically a chicken pie. This was my first time baking one! I searched for recipes all over the internet and I found one at This website is a really great source for foodies, with easy, fast and delicious recipes.

I altered the recipe to fit my family’s needs. So this is my version of a homemade chicken pie:


4tbsp of butter

2 garlic cloves crushed (we usually buy a big bucket of crushed garlic)

2 small onions

1 punnet button mushrooms, sliced

3 cups of leeks, sliced (you can add one less if you don’t want that much filling)

1 cup of peas

2/4 cup of butter

2/4 cup of flour

2 cups of chicken stock ( made mine with chicken flavour Knorrox blocks. Three blocks made with 750ml water)

1 large rotisserie chicken, shredded

1 tin Nestle dessert & cooking cream, well shaken before opening ( can also replace with the same amount of cream 490g)

2tsp fresh thyme

salt and pepper, to taste

2 rolls of puff pastry, thawed (half of it will be for decorating)

1 egg beaten


1. Saute the onions and garlic in the butter. Then add the mushrooms, leeks and peas. Fry for a further 5 min.

2. Add 1/2 cup butter and slowly stir the flour into the mixture to form a paste. Add the chicken stock, stirring constantly as you would stir a white sauce. Continue cooking for 10min until the sauce thickens, while stirring occasionally.

3. Add the shredded chicken to the sauce, along with the cream. Add the fresh thyme and season to taste. Simmer gently for about 5 minutes or until it is heated through.

4. Put the filling in the dish or pie tin you will be using. Place the puff pastry over the filling and trim off the excess around the edges. Use a fork to press and seal the edges to achieve a crimped effect. With mine, I used hearts for the kids and that formed my edges. To make it more entertaining for the kids let them cut out shapes to decorate the pie.

5. Brush with a basic egg wash (you can also use milk if preferred). cut a small cross in the middle of the pastry for the air to escape while baking. (if the cross seals while baking just cut it open again).

6. Bake at 180’c for 20 -25 minutes or until golden brown.

7. Serve with fresh thyme on top and a side salad or country veg baked in the oven.

For any requests or new recipes you want me to try let me know in the comments below. If there is something you’re struggling with or don’t understand, comment below and I will try and help you.

Cake Crafts

Death by chocolate cake

The chocolate lovers will be in love with this cake. And those who are not in love are lying. They just can’t stop thinking about this cake. Because there is no such thing as too much chocolate! This cake will blow your socks off with the sweetness. This death by chocolate cake is one of the easiest cakes I ever made.

Cake Crafts

White chocolate ganache summer cake

It is summer and who wants to have a cake that tastes fresh and summery? ME!!!! This white chocolate ganache summer cake will blow your mind away with the different flavors and textures it has hidden inside. This cake will be an ideal cake to serve in spring and summer. It is a great use of seasonal fruit in one cake. So don’t just read this post, make the cake! This cake won’t let you down. Your friends will think you are a master cake baker. Believe me, you will love it so much that you can’t wait for the next cake you can bake.

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Save The Date Wedding Card

Hello to everyone out there that reads this blog.

I am going to share our wedding save the date cards with you. The save the dates don’t have to be expensive and you can make your save the dates more special by doing it yourself. This is an easy project and the knot represents the knot you and your husband is going to tie.

Crafts Delicious food

Ice cream nougat sauce for the summer or winter

This sauce will help to make your plain ice cream the hit of the day or night. This is easy to make and only takes a few minutes to put together.  I can guarantee you this will be a sauce you will get a lot of compliments on.

sauce on ice cream

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Date night? Too many options? Make a date night bottle!

Hello to all the readers. Hope you had a wonderful day so far.

I know sometimes it is a struggle deciding what to do for a date night with that special someone.  All your ideas have been used far too many times already, and you find it hard to come up with new ideas.

To help you make date night decisions easier I made a date night bottle. This bottle has  date night options in that can be randomly selected. This is easy to make and this will make your date nights easier, more memorable and special.

Cake Crafts

A Kit Kat cake for my grandmother

Hi all the CraftyCode readers out there.

Here is a post for all of you about a special Kit Kat cake for my grandmother. This cake will be easy to make and it looks like the cake was made by a professional baker.

Gifts Valentine's Day

Want to know what to get the love of your life for Valentine’s Day?

Make this Valentine’s Day memorable. This is an easy  and fun way to tell the love of your life that you love them. This gift looks valuable and as if there has gone a lot of loving effort into it.

Christmas Gifts

What to get a golfer for Christmas?

A golfer can never have enough balls and tees in his golf bag.