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Earring organizer

Tired of searching for your earrings? Here is an easy organizer that you can make from things around the house.  It is fun to do and easy to make. Get the whole family involved or make it for Mom as a special gift.

Materials that you will need:

  • A box (Any shape or size – We used a cookie tin)
  • Material (Any material of your choice)
  • +/- 11 Straws (Preferably paper straws but plastic ones will also work, the quantity will depend on how big your box is.)
  • +/- 22 Skewers (2 Skewers per straw)
  • A glue gun
  • Washi tape
  • Side cutter and/or sharp scissors


  • Wood
  • Saw

If the box you are using is too deep you can always make it shallower by inserting wooden blocks at the bottom or using pieces of wood to make a platform.


1 – Insert the wooden block/wood pieces into the box:


2 – Insert 2 skewers in one straw to strengthen the straw:100_3487

3 – Cut the straws with the side cutter/scissor to fit precisely into box:


4 – Cut +/- 11 pieces (a piece for each straw) of material about 1m long and 4cm wider than the length of the straws:


5 – Glue the straw to the end of the material with the glue gun:


6 – Roll the material, it is important to roll it very tight.

7 – Glue the last part of the material:



8 – Cut all excess material off, so that the straw fits tight into the box.

9 – Repeat steps 5-8 for all the straws.

10 – Glue all the straws in the box, make sure they are as tight as possible against each other:


For the lid of the box you will need enough washi tape to cover it

11 – Cut the washi tape in strips and stick them to the lid:


And there you have it! Thanks for reading. Please comment below if you liked this post.

By Sanrie Visagie

Sanrie is a trainee accountant. She is currently studying her BCOMPT FAC at Unisa. Sanrie enjoys doing arts and crafts. Sanrie loves doing sports and spending time with her family.

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