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Death by chocolate cake

The chocolate lovers will be in love with this cake. And those who are not in love are lying. They just can’t stop thinking about this cake. Because there is no such thing as too much chocolate! This cake will blow your socks off with the sweetness. This death by chocolate cake is one of the easiest cakes I ever made.

Ingredients that you will need for this cake are listed below:

  • A Chocolate cake self-made, bought or made from an instant-cake box
  • Chocolate wafer fingers or Kit Kats
  • Whispers or any round chocolate ball with goodies inside
  • Milkybar chocolate to give colour to the cake
  • Caramel treat
  • Smooth chocolate icing

Method to put the cake together:

  1. The cake you have can be dived into to even layers of cake or if you want to you can make four layers for a taller cake (You will then need two cakes).
  2. 20150203_211752On the first half you can spread caramel treat evenly. The treat can be as thick as you want it to be.
  3. 20150203_212653 20150203_212708Put the second layer on top of the caramel layer.
  4. LayersSpread the chocolate icing you made or bought onto the cake. Make sure the icing is evenly spread because you want the slices of cake to be the same.
  5. 20150203_212900 20150203_212906Put the chocolate fingers on the cake. I used some of the icing to cement them onto the cake.
  6. 20150203_213359 20150203_213427Do this until the cake is surrounded with all the fingers. If the fingers or Kit Kats aren’t enough you can leave spaces open between each of them.
  7. 20150203_213749After the cake is filled with the fingers you can start to put the chocolate balls on the cake. They can be put in any shape or formation you want. Mine was just scattered around.
  8. 20150203_214427 20150203_214437You can make shavings out of the chocolate by using a vegetable peeler. Or to get bigger shavings you can melt the chocolate and spread it out on a plate baking plate to cool. After the chocolate is cooled you can make the shavings.

20150203_215121 20150203_215129

And that is the 8 easy steps you have to follow to make this delicious and tempting cake. The death by chocolate cake will make you and your friends happy when they see and taste the cake. This cake can be served in thin slices (Because it is so sweet) with coffee or tea.

Enjoy baking this cake! Until next time when I surprise you with another easy cake to make for someone special or just for yourself.

Please share some comments on your versions of this cake and other cake ideas you would like to see me blog about!

By Jeanne-mari Jordaan

Jeanne-mari started studying Marketing and Tourism Management at the North West University at Potchefstroom in 2010. She has received her Masters degree in Tourism Management in 2014.

She was born in 1990 in Pretoria but spent most of her childhood in Lichtenburg/Coligny in the North West. Being raised on a farm, she has grown fond of animals, open fields and beautiful things. She also completed her Voortrekkers Presidents Verkenner (girl scouts for international readers). She is much more than just a pretty face.

Her hobbies include baking, arts and crafts, pets, photography and loving her husband (co-author of craftycode).

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