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A Kit Kat cake for my grandmother

Hi all the CraftyCode readers out there.

Here is a post for all of you about a special Kit Kat cake for my grandmother. This cake will be easy to make and it looks like the cake was made by a professional baker.

Our grandma

The inspiration for this cake came from my grandmother who turned 76 on the 31 of January 2014. I wanted to surprise her with a special birthday cake. I will explain how I did it in this post in a few easy steps.


20140131_203104Side photo of the cake

20140131_203051A top photo of the cake

The steps you need to follow:

Look for a cake recipe  you want. It can be chocolate, a white sponge cake or even a red velvet cake. I searched for a moist chocolate cake and I found a recipe at This cake was so moist and delicious that I had make it.

In a South-African oven I baked the cake at 180 degrees for 15 min.

When the cake is ready take it out of the oven let it cool for about 20 minutes. While waiting for the cake to cool, you can get all your ingredients ready for putting together the cake.

If you don’t want to bake a cake you can use a store-bought sponge cake.

You will need the following ingredients:

  • Icing (it can be any flavour, the one I used was chocolate)
  • Caramel treat (or any flavour or filling you want)
  • Smarties (sort the colours to make it easier to decorate)
  • Kit Kats ( I used 3 slabs . The slabs were normal Kit Kats, the dark Kit Kat and the white Kit Kat)
  • A ribbon to bind the cake

Step 1: Layer the cake and put the caramel treat on each layer.

Step 2: Ice the cake with the icing so that the whole cake is covered with the icing

Step 3: Lay out the smarties number you want to have in the middle. Then make rings with all the colours around the number. This can be done in any pattern, for example a zig zag pattern will also look good.

Step 4: Put the Kit Kats on the side of the cake. The icing on the cake will hold the Kit Kats up. The ribbon can be used to keep it together or it can be left out


Step 5: The cake is ready to eat. Now you can see that you can do it too. It is that easy to bake and decorate!

Thanks for all the CraftyCode readers. I hope this post has inspired you to go and bake.

Anyone can cook, but only the fearless will be great – Auguste Gusteau (from Ratatouille)

By Jeanne-mari Jordaan

Jeanne-mari started studying Marketing and Tourism Management at the North West University at Potchefstroom in 2010. She has received her Masters degree in Tourism Management in 2014.

She was born in 1990 in Pretoria but spent most of her childhood in Lichtenburg/Coligny in the North West. Being raised on a farm, she has grown fond of animals, open fields and beautiful things. She also completed her Voortrekkers Presidents Verkenner (girl scouts for international readers). She is much more than just a pretty face.

Her hobbies include baking, arts and crafts, pets, photography and loving her husband (co-author of craftycode).

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