White chocolate ganache summer cake

It is summer and who wants to have a cake that tastes fresh and summery? ME!!!! This white chocolate ganache summer cake will blow your mind away with the different flavors and textures it has hidden inside. This cake will be an ideal cake to serve in spring and summer. It is a great use of seasonal fruit in one cake. So don’t just read this post, make the cake! This cake won’t let you down. Your friends will think you are a master cake baker. Believe me, you will love it so much that you can’t wait for the next cake you can bake.

I will post a series of cakes to show you how easy it is to make beautiful and delicious cakes. And even if you think you are the worst baker, you can do it. You just have to believe in yourself.

You will need the following ingredients:

  • 2 Sponge cakes (Cut each of the cakes in half)
  • 10 ml Strawberry or raspberry liqueur
  • 500ml Thick cream
  • Chocolate ganache
  • Summer berries (Strawberries, raspberries etc.)
  • A few summer berries for decoration
  • White chocolate shavings

How to put the cake together:

  1. Bake two sponge cakes or buy two sponge cakes that are the same size. I baked my cakes myself, because if they are fresh they just taste so much better (The recipe I used was in the following book: Hamlyn Cookery School. But if your time is limited you can buy ready-made cakes.
  2. Sponge cakeSlice the two sponge cakes each in half. Put one of the halves on the serving plate. Tip: Get a cake cutter that can cut the cake into two even layers.
  3. Drip some of the liqueur onto the first half of the cake. This needs to be repeated for every half of the cake. Make sure it is evenly spread over each half. Tip: Use a brush to make sure the liqueur is evenly spread over the cake.
  4. strawberryWhisk the cream until it is thick. Tip: Don’t whisk too long otherwise end up with butter.
  5. Put some of the berries away to use as decorations on the top of the cake. Mash the other berries with a masher but not too fine. Tip: Make sure you have an apron on, because if the fruit juice gets on your clothes you won’t get it out.
  6. BerriesSpread some of the cream onto the first layer of the cake. Tip: Make sure you divide the cream evenly over the three inner layers.
  7. CreamSpread some of the mashed berries onto the cream. Do steps 6 and 7 for the next two layers as well. All the layers need to be stacked onto each other now.
  8. Cream and berriesPut the ganache on the cake and make sure it covers the cake. Tip: Make sure the ganache is evenly spread.
  9. 20150124_135348Put the berries on top of the cake. This can be in any pattern you like. Tip: Make sure the berries that you put on top are the best looking berries.
  10. 20150124_135453Put some of the chocolate shavings on the cake. Tip: Shave the chocolate with a vegetable peeler to make the shavings curl.

This is how easy it is to make your own beautiful summer cake. Your friends will love the cake with all the flavors booming in their mouths. Please comment below with your thoughts about this cake. You can also make suggestions on cakes I should try to bake!

Summer cake slice

Talk soon when I post the next cake to inspire you to make one for yourself or someone special.


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