Save The Date Wedding Card

Hello to everyone out there that reads this blog.

I am going to share our wedding save the date cards with you. The save the dates don’t have to be expensive and you can make your save the dates more special by doing it yourself. This is an easy project and the knot represents the knot you and your husband is going to tie.

Save the date cardThe ingredients you will need:

  • A string in your wedding colour
  • Glue
  • A4 Cardboard  (a colour that goes with the string)
  • The message you want to put on the card
  • Scissors

Steps to make the save the dates:

Step 1

Print the message on the A4 cardboard. Two of the messages can be printed on the one cardboard. I have put an example at the end of the post to show how it looks.

Step 2

Cut the A4 cardboard in half to separate the two messages printed on the cardboard.

Step 3

Fold the message in half.DSCF9524Step 4

Make a big knot with the string and paste the two ends on opposite sides of the cardboard.

DSCF9525Step 5

Let the glue dry before you close the cardboard.

Step 6

When dried, open the card and when it is fully opened it will make a knot in the middle of the card.


I hope this will help you to make your wedding save the dates very special. Enjoy planning your wedding. For any requests or questions about planning decorations or details contact me and I will help you with ideas.

Enjoy reading the blog. I will post more wedding ideas soon.

Save the date example download


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