Want to know what to get the love of your life for Valentine’s Day?

Make this Valentine’s Day memorable. This is an easy  and fun way to tell the love of your life that you love them. This gift looks valuable and as if there has gone a lot of loving effort into it.DSCF9550

These notes say a lot along with the candy.  You also don’t have to give all the candy at once. You can give a candy each day until Valentine’s day.


There are a few easy steps to follow:

Step one

Get their favorite sweets at any store.

Step two

Make tags for the sweets. Here are a few examples of tags:

I have used a 100 Grand, Nerds, Nuts, Lifesavers, Fruit Gums, Allsorts, Coke, Nougat, Orbit and M&M for the gift.

100 Grand bar

100 Grand – You are priceless to me

– I love you more than a 100 grand

NerdsNerds – I love my Nerd (This flavour is very delicious)

– Dont be a nerd be my Valentine

NutsNuts– Just want you to know I am “nuts” about you

LIfesaver      Lifesaver – You are my lifesaver

Fruit GumsFruit Gums – You colour my world (This can be any sweet that has different colours in such as smarties, astros….)

AllsortsAllsorts – You are one in a million ( This is to say in all these sweets he is one in a million)

CokeCoke – I ” Soda” think you are amazing ( This can be any flavour of soda and if you can find your lovers name that will be the best one to give.)

NougatDamascus (Nougat) – I am nougat about you ( This tortoise is there to show the nougat as crazy)

OrbitOrbit – I am stuck on you

M&MM&M – You are marvellous and magnificent

– I love you more and more each day


Step three – Put all the sweets into a box or a bag. This will make them feel they are the world to you.

I hope this box means the world to your loved one.  My husband loved this gift and is still talking about it. This doesn’t have to be just for valentine’s day. You can give it at any time for any special occasion.

You can be as creative as you want to be. Let you creative juices flow, you have more in you than you might think.

This is all for now. I will post soon with more creative ideas to make your life of gifting more easy.



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